Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsabilidad Social Azul


Our commitment to creating a better world leads us to promote best practices and to contribute to the development of a society with strong values and which protects the environment.


We care about the safety and well-being of all the personnel involved in each of our projects. Correct operations are ensured by planning, training and constant inspections regarding technical, quality, safety, environmental, community relations and other aspects.

Occupational hazard prevention, preformed in accordance with international standards, such as OSHAS 18001, is of primary importance in Azul.


Our medical department ensures that our personnel work under healthy conditions and maintain good standards of health and general well-being.

Environment and Community Relations 

All our operations comply with the strictest international environmental standards, preventing pollution and protecting the environment. We promote harmony and good relations with local communities.

To support scientific research and promote ecotourism, Azul maintains SierrAzul, a private reserve of more than 5,000 acres of primary rainforest, supporting scientific research and promoting ecotourism. We work for a healthy, safe and bio-diverse environment for present and future generations.

Azul promotes the strengthening of values in our society. Through the SCOUT Movement, we actively promote values and leadership, and the physical and mental development of thousands of children and young people, expanding their commitment to building a better world.